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Financial Transaction Card Crimes

Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have You Been Charged with a Financial Transaction Card Crime?

You may have been charged with fraud and/or theft after you allegedly used someone else's credit card, check card or debit card without authorization. Financial transaction card crimes include a variety of offenses such as:

  • Forging a card
  • Uttering a forged card
  • Falsely encoding a card
  • Signing a card fraudulently
  • Using an illicit card
  • False representation as a cardholder
  • Unauthorized presentment of a card
  • Using a card to overdraw an account
  • Obtaining a card as security for a debt
  • Fraudulent deposits of money
  • Receiving money improperly from a bank machine
  • Making a false statement to obtain a card
  • Submitting a false credit card sale; or
  • Soliciting a submission of a false credit card sale

There is no stereotypical image of the "common criminal" charged with credit card fraud or any other financial transaction card crime. Many otherwise honest people find themselves entangled in criminal charges they did not expect in connection with alleged financial transaction card crimes.

In the eyes of the law, theft is theft. Taking someone else's money without authorization is a crime whether it occurs at gunpoint in a bank lobby or through the illicit use of someone else's credit card or debit card.

An experienced attorney will be able to work with you to determine the most effective defense available to you. Talk to a lawyer promptly after you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony theft through unauthorized use of a financial transaction card.

The sooner you contact an attorney when you suspect that you may be charged with credit card fraud, the more options you may have. Attorney Brad Sahl may be able to help with restitution or other penalties in lieu of jail time.

Charged with Identity Theft or Credit Card Fraud?

The Law Offices of Brad Sahl, P.C., in Raleigh, North Carolina, represents people facing criminal charges in Wake County such as crimes involving credit cards or ATM cards. The law firm is committed to providing a high-quality criminal defense at competitive rates. To schedule a consultation, contact the law firm by phone or e-mail.